Simplifying decision making

Simplifying decision making


Titan Eyeplus was launched in 2007 and has since become a leader in its category. With the latest designs and innovative technology, the brand now has over 550 exclusive stores operating in over 229 cities across India. At that time, the product pages on the Titan Eyeplus website contained only technical information about each product such as the dimensions of the frames, the lens technology, product types and so on. However, the market trend was to not only provide technical details but to create content that connected with the customers to make it easier for them to make a purchase decision. Titan Eyeplus identified this content gap and realised that the need of the hour was to create compelling content in the form of fresh and exciting product descriptions for their website to stand apart from their competitors and to make their products more relatable to their target audience. 


The Don’t Be Content (DBC) team analysed Titan Eyeplus’ previous content for the basis of this project. The team recognised the need to filter the products into categories under the sub-brand, shape, material, additional features and finish. What stood out was that the features of the different styles of eyewear needed to be better highlighted. The DBC team felt the content needed to be more relatable to the consumer. Identifying options and product comparisons too needed to be streamlined. Overall, the content needed to actively help consumers make their choice based on their needs for style and functionality.


Once all the products had been itemised and categorised, a total of 2,453 product descriptions were written. A generic product within a certain category - which was the essence of that category - was chosen to represent the group. Product descriptions were then written for each of these categories keeping in mind the shape of the frames, the materials that they were crafted from, the specialised features they provided - such as UV protection, polarization and more - and the type of finish the lenses had. The most popular SEO keywords that are indexed on the major search engines were used for increased product visibility. The content tied in with occasions and fashion tips to make the products more relatable to the consumer.


The strategy that DBC used helped to increase Titan Eyeplus’ online visibility and made the brand more noticeable on top search engines. By connecting better with consumers, the content widened brand-reach and increased interest in products. The technical yet engaging content allowed for easy comparison between the brand’s various products and competitors’ products.