Adding meaningful differentiators

Adding meaningful differentiators


Fastrack was launched under the Titan Company in 1998 and became an urban youth brand in 2005. Acting as the edgy and contemporary counterpart to Titan Eyeplus’ traditional eyewear, Fastrack pushes boundaries and constantly reinvents itself to cater to the ‘eternally young’.

Sunglasses being a very crowded category with so many competitors actively launching their eyewear collections, the need of Fastrack was to re-identify the category by showcasing their entire Summer Collection 2019 in an innovative way. The idea was to tell the story in a more engaging and compelling way by setting the context of how, where and when to wear sunglasses to create a fashion statement.


The Don’t Be Content (DBC) team mapped out the layout and design for the 20-page lookbook. Taking into account different personalities, varying moods on different days and the spirit of the occasion, the eyewear was categorised into Insta Cool, Dapper AF, Play It Smart, Go Vintage and Party Buzz. DBC arranged for a photoshoot of the products to be showcased in the lookbook and contacted social media influencers in Delhi and Mumbai to promote the eyewear. The editorial team tailored the content to enhance the products in the colour and tone of the Fastrack voice.


The layout and design of the lookbook was created by DBC’s team of graphic designers. Once the products were sourced from the client, DBC’s photographer was tasked with doing a photoshoot to represent the eyewear in their different categories. Simultaneously, two social media influencers were provided with a set of eyewear options to showcase how they would team the particular sunglasses with their personal fashion style. They were also interviewed, and their statements were integrated into the lookbook alongside the content. Once finalised, the lookbook was sent for printing after being proofread ensuring that the layout matched the eyewear, that the influencers’ statements were in line with Fastrack’s brand identity and the content connected with the brand’s target audience. A digital version was also created to be used by the brand as emailers.


The printed lookbooks were distributed across all Titan Eyeplus and Fastrack stores in India, while the digital version was emailed to Fastrack’s customer base. The digital version offered the customers easy access to the brand’s e-commerce website. Not only did the lookbook help in the successful launch of the Summer Collection, it added to Fastrack’s image of the young and fearless generation. It also increased visibility in this category of sunglasses. The additional advertising through the influencer marketing brought in more traffic to Fastrack’s social media handles and further promoted their products.