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Saffola had made its mark as an edible oil brand in a definitive way – occupying the health platform. Building on the brand pillar of health, some years ago, the brand launched Saffola Oats in several flavours. The idea was to pitchfork the goodness of oats leveraging brand equity through the Fit Foodie website. The need of the hour was to explore and establish oats not just as a healthy and delicious food by itself but also as an ingredient that goes to make tasty dishes – sweet and savoury. The recipes were to go across meals and age groups and expand the use of the product.


Food, as all connoisseurs and gourmets know, must look delicious, smell tempting and taste delicious. The Don’t Be Content (DBC) concept was to spring-board from the base of health, and highlight consumer engagement through two of these touch-points: smell and taste. Home chefs were to be invited to contribute original healthy recipes which would then be tried-tested in the DBC kitchen. These were shot aesthetically to themes and occasions. The images were to be styled by experts who were also skilled amateur cooks – to ensure the photographs represented the dishes exactly as they would look in the consumer home kitchens. The idea was to draw in the viewer with appealing photos and invite them to try out the original recipes made with the special flavours of Saffola oats – recipes that were healthy, easy, quick and delicious.


Over a period of some months, DBC turned out more than 700 recipes with top quality multiple picture options. The frames were imaginatively styled, looked authentic, and were shot to ensure each frame was singular and arresting – yet aligned with the aesthetics of the brand umbrella. Texture, lighting and angles were focus areas executed with precision. Each photo was scrutinised and painstakingly fine-tuned in the post-production department and colour-corrected if required to adhere to the highest quality of food shoots. The recipes were sourced from home chefs across the country, tested and tasted in the DBC kitchens to check parameters of time, measures, method and taste. The write-ups of recipes were done to an exacting format that captured measures uniformly and in both gms and spoons and cups. The recipes were edited and triple read and proofed to ensure clarity even for the first-time cook and adapted to themes, seasons, the singular flavours and meals. A detailed nutrition count was affixed to all recipes – this was arrived at by the DBC nutritionist who is also the author of several books on healthy eating and nutrition.


The Fit Foodie site had an invaluable cache of original expert recipes backed with stunning visualisation that could be adapted and used across brand mediums. For being innovative, tried-tested and easy to cook recipes, the kindling of consumer interest was guaranteed and presented a win-win situation for the brand and product. The high quality of the photographs was aimed to catapult the brand site into the league of global food sites. The most significant gain for the brand was that the visuals and the recipes were not dated and could be used over time in different ways.


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