Restoring institutional memory

Restoring institutional memory


Max Fashion, the Dubai-based Landmark Group’s venture into the single-brand, fast-fashion space - was launched in India in 2006 with its first store at Indore. In a dozen years, the company went from having a single employee to 7,000; from 1 store to 200; and from a negative PBT to growing at 30% year on year. The company even garnered a place in the survey of ‘50 Great Places to Work For’. This was a story that needed to be told and learnings recorded for internal and external business.


An extensive interview-based structured narrative of each function and how it evolved and grew through the 12 years was the basic platform suggested. The B2B venture aptly titled ‘Min to Max’ would be interpreted through print and digital mediums, and would be a record of the company’s phenomenal growth – at once a testimony and a brand guide for future planners.


The DBC team worked out the flow of the project and conducted detailed interviews with all function heads and top management. Even the founder, Mukesh Jagtiani or Micky, as he is popularly known, contributed to the recording of Max Fashion’s incredible India journey. Step-by-step, the in-depth story came together to make for a valuable presentation of the Max story in India. The print product was a neat, finely illustrated and visualised, 200+ page glossy presentation that was painstakingly stitched together with insights gathered from the interviews, analysis of the problems and innovative solutions evolved, and the results achieved. The way forward with the new CEO who had just taken over at the crucial juncture also formed a part of the project. 


‘Min to Max’ was launched at a company get-together where all the top functionaries and critical members of the staff gathered. The information contained in the presentation served as singular inspiration for new and old employees and helped foster a sense of invaluable brand loyalty and pride. The documentation of the work ethos of the brand, the systems, employer policies and path-breaking achievements are a source of continued learning for all at the company and industry. The brand story is also of interest to peer corporates and helps attract the best professionals to work at Max Fashion.

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