We were doing content even before it was fashionable to talk about it


With over 18 years in the publications business, after launching and nurturing some of the most prestigious titles, we increasingly felt restricted by the print medium. With our passion for content and knowing how it can transform brands, we set out to create a platform where we could express ourselves freely, a platform agnostic of medium and channel, but committed to brands and their consumers.

Launched in 2015 with no fanfare or office, we are today in three cities creating expert-backed content for a wide range of businesses, ranging from Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Health & Nutrition, Beauty & Wellness, to Travel & Living, Child & Parenting, Architecture & Design, Money & Banking and more.

Our Vision

Inspire brands to turn publishers, because every brand has a story worth telling

Our Mission

To help brands create original content, tell great stories and build a loyal audience

Our Values

Be Dependable

Take charge of the situation, be accountable, get stuff done

Be Curious

Have eagerness to learn, ask tough questions, be open to new evidence

Be Nice

When it is a choice between kind and clever, be kind, it always pays

Don't Be Content

Have fire in the belly, make things better, make every day impact

Core Team

Madhuchanda Paul

Madhuchanda Paul
Brand Solutions Manager

Renu Singla

Renu Singla
Creative Director


Poornima Hariharan
Senior Content Writer

Sanjay Patel M S

Sanjay Patel M S
Digital Marketing Executive

Shveta A Sahu

Shveta A Sahu
Founder - Head ~ Business


Hridhya Raj
Graphic Designer

Manjira Dutta

Manjira Dutta
Founder - Head ~ Content

Akash Sahu

Akash Sahu
Founder - Head ~ Strategy

Arnav Pokhriyal

Arnav Pokhriyal
Project Designer


Asha Prakash
Social Media Executive