Building trust together

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HexaHealth is a health startup with a patient-centric approach, aimed at providing support during that difficult phase in life when a loved one is undergoing a surgery. Launched in 2021, the brand operates through its network of expert doctors along with trained medical experts who provide balanced advice to patients about the best way to treat their ailments, and assist them in the required surgical procedures. 


Their Care Coordinators and HexaBuddies are with the patient & his family throughout the treatment process, helping with suitable doctors, hospitals, admission, insurance claim, discharge and post-operative needs. HexaHealth has successfully served over 25,000 patients in Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Jaipur. Spreading awareness about the brand was a must to enable patients to get access to quality healthcare assistance whenever the need arose. 


Don’t Be Content (DBC) helped HexaHealth plan out their social media strategy. This included pinpointing the suitable social media platforms to target as well as the content blueprint - identification of key pillars under which to spread the message in a focused, clear & attractive manner.


From static posts to carousels to reels, DBC has helped make a seemingly serious subject such as healthcare, eye-catching enough for social media. Within a few months, DBC also helped launch their YouTube channel – an extensive cache of the best health advice from top doctors along with real-life patient testimonials & useful general health advice.



Our design and content teams conceptualise their monthly social media calendars which have regular posts, specially designed Insta stories and frequent special campaigns to bring forth HexaHealth’s core message of providing trusted patient care. Created on the basis of detailed analyses of their social media reports as well as keeping in mind SEO-compliance, our posts have garnered appreciable responses consistently. Aided by the research from our weekly social media tracking, DBC has been able to create posts on subjects of most interest to the current social media landscape. 


This partnership with DBC has helped HexaHealth gain a 14,000-plus following on Instagram a 13,000-plus following on Facebook and an 11,000-plus following on LinkedIn. Within a few months, Don’t Be Content also helped them start their YouTube channel which currently has a 24,000-plus follower base. We regularly work on special social media campaigns to increase brand impact, firmly establishing HexaHealth as a strong contender in the market – one to which anyone can turn for trusted health advice & treatment support.