Challenging the status quo

womens care products, hair cream, hair spray, hair loss, wellness, hair repair


iluvia is a luxury self-care brand challenging the status quo with tailored, performance-driven products. The brand launched in 2021 with an exceptional range, including the revolutionary Hard Water Shampoo – the first-ever in the market. Since then, they have created several new products and are continuing to rethink hair care.


iluvia set out to sensitise people on hair issues generally unknown to the public – for instance, the effects of hard water on hair. The brand needed to communicate this message effectively and enlighten people on better haircare solutions. There was also a need to establish the importance of hair care, as much as other self-care rituals, in the lives of both men and women.


Don't Be Content (DBC) conceptualised a monthly blog campaign for iluvia with a range of topics covering hair and skin care. The blogs were designed to highlight common problems and seamlessly integrating iluvia's products as effective solutions. We designed an influencer outreach campaign with renowned hair care experts, bloggers, and product reviewers to amplify stories on social media.


Our content and design team developed 8-10 SEO-compliant blogs monthly. The team ensured the blogs included backlinks that direct consumers to the brand's e-commerce page to increase online traffic and sales. We also collaborated with macro-influencers to create social media reels that made the products appear aspirational and desirable to our target audience. On Featherwax, the team worked closely with iluvia to create an informative and engaging video that effectively communicated the benefits and unique features of the product.


Over time this approach has helped to build a vibrant fan base that shares the brand's passion for high-quality self-care products. The blogs rank on the first and second page of Google, increasing brand visibility and attracting new customers. We have also seen a significant rise in sales, proving the effectiveness of our approach. Through these collaborative efforts, iluvia has established a formidable online presence, increased visibility and positioned itself as a revolutionary brand in the self-care industry.


We remain committed to help the brand thrive, providing consumers with top-of-the-line self-care solutions that deliver real results.