Creating a community

Creating a community


Taneira, a saree brand, the youngest from Titan, was launched as a pilot project in 2017 and aimed at keeping up the heritage of Indian design and hand-woven textiles, but with creative interpretations to appeal to the contemporary woman. The first store was established in a sprawling colonial bungalow in Indiranagar in the heart of Bangalore. The sarees sought to revive tradition through wonderful weaves and designs. The next step was for the brand to engage with the niche of thinking urban women who lived modern lives but had a deep affinity for their roots.


Don’t Be Content (DBC) proposed an exclusive medium of communication through ‘Signature’, a beautifully designed large-size magazine that featured accomplished women of beauty and grace. The ladies were to talk of their life inspirations and how sarees formed an integral part of their personal expression of aesthetics. The magazine was to be shared with the Ministry of Textiles, placed in stores and sent out to an exclusive list of stylish, talented women achievers.


There have been three editions of ‘Signature’ so far. For the launch edition, the ladies were invited to the Taniera showroom in Bangalore where they were styled and photographed in their choice of Taneira sarees. For the Delhi edition, the venue was a sprawling, old-style boutique. Exclusive one-to-one conversations led to signature pieces on the ladies which were juxtaposed with the large, full-size portraits in eye-catching layouts.


‘Signature’ was a quietly impactful proposition, much like the brand. It helped the brand get noticed by the urban fraternity of sophisticated women who actively choose to wear sarees as an extension of who they are. Word-of-mouth further ensured the brand got recognition in the right circles. Soon, ‘Signature’, which was conceptualised as a promotional activity, drew the attention of a larger community with women requesting to be part of the exclusive platform. The content was repackaged for the digital platform, enhancing community reach, leading to more women identifying with, and getting inspired by the real-life muses of elegance and substance.

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