Powering Accelerated Growth

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Accelerated Growth (AG) provides entrepreneurial organizations with the people and tools to achieve scalable growth through their expertise in managed accounting, finance transformation, and technology and data. Their head office is in Chicago (USA), and their regional offices are in Ahmedabad and Bangalore (India), with a global team of 110+ members. They follow the philosophy of servant leadership and radical candor; and with their teams spanning across the globe, they have managed to create a unique work culture that values high performance, diversity, leading to professional and personal growth for their team members.


AG was founded in 2009 and true to their name, they have had rapid growth in their business since. With 300+ clients ranging from $1MM to $300MM in revenue; spanning from varied industries such as Healthcare, CPG, Eng. Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Professional Services, Renewable Energy, SaaS/IOT and many more. They have won the Inc. 5000 four times in a row for the “Fastest Growing”. They are now the go-to for any aspiring businesses looking to scale in the Midwest and Silicon Valley. 


They needed Don’t Be Content (DBC) support to drive their business and recruitment goals by helping the brand articulate its north star, standardize their brand voice across channels, help their teams collaborate across time zones, and promote their excellent work culture. 


DBC began with an extensive immersion exercise where our founder’s travelled to the Chicago office and spent a week in a series of workshops before drawing out the strategic road map. We began with the website redesign, making it contemporary, convenient and mobile first. We managed their social media accounts. For business related and recruitment messaging we used LinkedIn and to promote work culture we used Instagram. We worked on standardizing the brand tone, communication and design language for the 2 teams (USA and India) across the globe. In addition, we created a marketing plan for the year focusing entirely on recruitment drive and brand awareness to achieve the target of recruiting 200+ new team members.


Along with website overhaul, we worked with the senior management to curate subject matter blogs every month, to increase website traffic with engaging content organically.


For social media, we curated monthly posts for both Bobby and AG page, that were topical to business and POV posts on subject matter, this was done to promote AG as a thought leadership platform on the subject of Finance and Accounting. Furthermore, to capture the work culture and human centric aspect of AG, we started the #HumansofAG series where we captured the stories, ambitions and goals of the team members.

In order to standardize the brand tone, we created the Brand Style Express to create one cohesive brand, team, office space and merchandise. In addition to creating one brand language, we needed to create cohesion between the 2 teams (USA and India). We created the #1AG series on social media where we captured stories for the workings of the global team dynamics and their interactions. This series was conceptualized to create comradery between the global teams; and to promote awareness of the diverse work culture in AG that we could leverage on social media to drive recruitment. 

Furthermore, for the recruitment drive campaign we created social media ads, posters, webinar content, walk-in recruitment day drives, video content and office collaterals to promote brand awareness and bring in better inflow of protentional candidates.


We were able to increase the organic traffic of unique visitors on AG page to 3000+ every month from less than 200 users, before we had revamped the website and added blog content. On social media, with curated content, we were able to increase the followers on AG LinkedIn page from 4K to 18K organically without any paid promotion. The #HumansofAG initiative helped push our engagement rate to 41% compared to the Finance Industry benchmark of 5%.


The recruitment drive was a massive success, we were able to increase the inflow of potential candidates by 400% in 6 months. The recruitment drive along with the brand awareness campaigns, we were able to help AG get more business leads, cross its 110+ team member mark, and put AG on the map for protentional US investors to buy in to the Indian market via AG.