Reviving a timeless icon

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The Need

Vijayalakshmi Silks, an iconic brand with a 100-year-old heritage was started in the summer of 1920, deeply committed to keeping up the impeccable traditions of silk sarees and taking forward the artistic aesthetics of the land.


Though based in south India, the brand quickly grew to be a much-respected authority in silk sarees across the country. Through the following decades, Vijayalakshmi Silks maintained the stamp of connoisseur quality and remained a steady favourite with loyal patrons.


But in the last couple of years, there arose a discernible need. A need to break fresh ground with a new, younger audience. Brand communication and style continued to hold appeal to the older audience but was found to be somewhat dated and not a fit match for the emerging consumer profile.


The revival of interest in the saree among the young, needed to find an echo in the revival of the brand with fresh perspective and energised aesthetics capturing the imagination of the new audience.

The DBC Approach

The goal was clearly defined: VSL had a fantastic, vibrant brand portfolio and needed to break perceptions of being only for the mature or elderly women.


The Don’t Be Content (DBC) team analysed Vijayalakshmi’s social media content, in-store exhibits, POS elements, overall brand copy, visual language and tonality of communication, and realised that there was a serious lacuna: The logo unit, communication and presentation of the brand did not resonate with the rapidly increasing section of new, younger consumers.So, while the product bouquet adhered to the highest standard of quality and authenticity, this was not projected in a manner that would appeal to the new audience. The DBC team deep dove into research on saree trends, mapped competition positioning, interviewed scores of customers and potential customers, to carve out three significant pillars that would be the highlights of all aspects of the brand communication: Craftsmanship, Timelessness and Sensuality.

Craftsmanship was illustrated in the detailed efforts of the weaver designer, the quality and sheer variety of sarees from across India that was hosted under the umbrella of VSL aesthetics.


Timelessness referred to the evergreen beauty of a Vijayalakshmi saree, and therefore, the woman who chooses to wear the drape. A sense of timelessness is also reflected in the seamless excellence and warmth of service at VSL that has been maintained down the decades.


Sensuality through subtle elegance is at the core of aesthetics at VSL and remains relevant for consumers across ages.


The DBC team redefined the archetype, persona, and consumer profile to make room for both the old and created a new tapestry of the Vijayalakshmi family, woven together with the threads of the 3-pronged approach.

The Execution

The DBC team put together a robust content strategy that involved well conceptualised, styled and supervised shoots; and creation of copy that captured the essence of the brand to buttress the foundation of the new, refreshed brand presentation.


There was a thought-through move away from mannequin modelled shoots, to big, bold magazine portraits; craft secrets that the brand had nurtured and polished over the years were unveiled and presented to engaged audiences; and in-store reception was completely overhauled. All of India was beautifully encapsulated under the new, energized brand platform.

The team also felt that the 100-year-old logo needed to be given an aesthetic uplift to reflect a more youthful image while retaining the core brand ideas of championing traditions. The unique magenta of the brand was accentuated with ornate gold to bring in the three brand pillars into the logo insignia, a stylised interpretation of the lotus or Kamala, the symbolic flower of India’s aesthetic excellence.


Every action was followed with detailed analysis of post-performance, and an understanding of how the consumers in store received and reacted to the new look.