13 May 2020

What content marketing can do for your brand equity?

With all the marketing initiatives and strategies out there, you might be wondering why you need content marketing to build your brand equity… Read on to know more

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
What content marketing can do for your brand equity?

‘Brand equity’ translates to how people feel about you and the products or services you have on offer. It is built on the value you give your consumers when they interact with you, their experiences with you and the loyalty this eventually creates. This loyalty, in turn, makes consumers recommend your brand to others. This is why every brand wants to build strong brand equity.

To start building your brand equity, you will need a strategic plan to position yourself in the market, and although there are many different approaches to this, content marketing is the master key to engage with you meaningfully and stay with you. As a brand, content marketing tools also allow you to gauge responses of your consumer.
Every brand has a unique story to share, and content marketing done right will nurture that story into compelling content which will engage your customers and enhance their experience with you. Not only will you be telling your story, but you will also be improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), connecting with new consumers and positioning yourself at a competitive advantage.

But telling your story is not enough. You will also need to showcase your products in a way that your expertise in your field shines through. You can demonstrate this expertise by creating valuable content so that when consumers make a purchase, they will choose your brand because it provides them with the maximum information.

Showcasing your products and your story is not enough. It’s also about how you create visibility of your brand. 

Visibility ensures that your product is not only out there, but is also the top choice when consumers look for products in your category. This is where content marketers with their experience and expertise come in. They are able to create fresh and optimized content using the SEO approach that will get you brand-visibility.

But, you cannot stop at visibility. You have to make your visible content relatable to your audience. The more they can relate to your content, the more they will relate to your brand. This is what builds trust.

Trust is built on consistency, and your continual interaction with your audience is what will drive them to start believing in your brand and in what you are selling.

It goes without saying that the more your customers believe in you, the more likely it is that they will want to shop with you. And this will, in turn, lead to more sales, new business opportunities and business retention.

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
Senior Content Writer

Poonam Kashib is a Senior Content Writer at Don’t Be Content. She has a flair for words which is the highlight of her success as a content writer. Being passionate about life and living translates to the compelling content that she creates. She lives in Bangalore with her two cats, Mushu Jr. and Skye.