20 Jul 2012

Content is a commitment, not a campaign

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled ‘Content is King’. What made it true then makes it truer now. High-quality content is at the heart of all marketing campaigns. What was once just a way to stand out from competitors for short-term gains has now become the way that brands tell their stories and connect with their audience.

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
Content is a commitment, not a campaign

In today’s age, consumers expect consistent and engaging content from their favourite brands. With the right kind of content strategy, you can build trust with your consumers, grow audience engagement, develop a brand presence and boost sales. Let’s see what a commitment to content can do for your brand:

1. Build brand reputation and credibility

Content marketing is the most effective way to build brand awareness. High-quality content brings high traffic to your website giving you a chance to let people know what your brand has to offer. The more value you generate, the more connected they feel to your brand, the more they trust you.

Content influences how customers view your reputation and integrity. Trust and credibility created influences consumers and leads them to share personal information.

2. Drive conversions and nurture leads

Content marketing is all about leveraging conversions. According to ABG Essentials, content marketing provides conversion rates about six times higher than other digital marketing methods. It gives consumers the information they need to make an educated decision about their purchase, taking them through the stages of the “buyer’s journey”: awareness, consideration and decision.

The affordability of content marketing is another important factor that small businesses can use to drive traffic to their website, create new leads, grow their brand and boost sales. 

3. Grow customer relationships

Now that you’ve built your brand reputation and trust, it’s time to nurture your relationship with your customers and create brand loyalty. If repeat sales make up a part of your business, then this is where great content will establish, enhance and strengthen your relationships. The more value your customers get, the more likely they are to return. 

Great customer relationships translate to better social media traction. Backlinks to your website, social media shares, retweets and likes help in generating new business.

High-quality and consistent content marketing strategies work long after the content is published. Although some pieces are time-sensitive, evergreen content remains relevant to your customers for a lifetime.

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
Senior Content Writer

Poonam Kashib is a Senior Content Writer at Don’t Be Content. She has a flair for words which is the highlight of her success as a content writer. Being passionate about life and living translates to the compelling content that she creates. She lives in Bangalore with her two cats, Mushu Jr. and Skye.