17 Jun 2020

How quality content can save start-ups from a market apocalypse

For most entrepreneurs, marketing is often an expensive affair, especially during the early stages of business. If entrepreneurs want to build a brand and stick to their budget, switching to content marketing is perhaps the best deal out there.

Kedar Koushik Kedar Koushik
How quality content can save start-ups from a market apocalypse

Research findings say it all

With consumers being armed with technology that keeps advertising in their control, marketers have started looking at other avenues. Smart marketers use compelling content – blogs, podcasts, e-mails, videos and so on - to lure prospects to brand platforms.
A study shows that content marketing generates three times the leads when compared to paid search marketing. The study also found out that content marketing generates the highest return on the marketing spend. 

No wonder then, it’s reported that 91% of B2B brands and 86% of B2C brands use content marketing.

Why content marketing for start-ups?

Content has influence: The content you create has a proportional, direct or indirect effect on multiple aspects that a start-up would want to address. Think of it as that one stone that can kill multiple birds in just one shot. Whether it is people signing up for your e-mail list, drive more traffic to your website, improve your company’s social media or any other online strategy you have, content can be the go-to person.

Content creates voice: The uniqueness of the voice of a start-up is what makes it different from others in the market. Content helps in developing an authoritative voice and cementing your brand in the minds of your audience. 

Content comes cheap: Experts say that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times more leads. 

Content can be classic: Quality content is not dated and draws traffic to brand platforms, engaging consumers for a long time. 

The four samurais of quality content

It’s not just any content that can get your new venture visible. The content you produce should be of high quality. Here are the four pillars of quality content.

Trust: Customers usually want to gain something from a start-up before investing in the product or service. When you publish content that fulfils the customers’ curiosity or helps them solve a problem, you are seen as a brand that is knowledgeable, helpful, valuable and trustworthy. 

Visibility: The production of quality content is a tried-and-tested way to work your way up the search engine results pages (SERPs). Many start-ups develop something that is not there in the market and it becomes difficult for them to make themselves visible. By producing content that helps the target audience solve their problems (or their boredom) and subtly introducing the start-up’s product as the solution, you enable them to find you.

Identity: The products of some start-ups may be overly technical, hindering easy communication. Quality content that's friendly and helps decode the complexities demonstrate that despite the product being technical, the company is human and welcoming.

Dialogue: Content can lead to valuable suggestions, strong relationships and a great reputation. Publishing content that invites comments encourages sharing and triggers dialogue – helping the brand learn about the customers and their needs.

Kedar Koushik Kedar Koushik
Associate Manager, Content

Kedar Koushik is an Associate Content Manager at Don’t Be Content and provides quality content to all the verticals of the company. With several years of experience as a journalist, he brings editorial command over the content he creates. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, Samabrita, and enjoys reading and listening to music.