15 Apr 2020

Top 6 reasons why you should not press the pause button on content

The COVID-19 pandemic has put much of the world and business on pause. But does that mean that you should pause the content marketing engine of your venture as well? Read why the answer is a resounding ‘no!’

Kedar Koushik Kedar Koushik
Top 6 reasons why you should not press the pause button on content

1. History has the answer

Case studies have proved that businesses that retained their content marketing budget or tweaked their content have thrived in the long run.

According to the research article Winners and Losers during the Great Recession: The Positive Impact of Marketing Expenditures, “firms that ‘invest’ in marketing, especially in tough times, can achieve a payoff and will realize gains beyond just the short-term.”

2. People are consuming more content than ever

With work-from-home becoming the norm, millions have turned to digital devices for everything from news and entertainment to social empathy and salvation. Even if people hesitate to spend more, they will notice what their favourite brands are publishing and absorb the message. 

3. As paranoia increases so did the need for distraction

People are desperate for entertainment and interesting content during times when they are practically under house arrest. No matter what kind of business you are a part of, there are content strategies to give people a source of distraction.

4. No position is worse than a bad position

A complete absence of commentary in what is happening around you could lead people to think that your business is tone-deaf or simply uncaring.

It is best to reposition your message around the situation, and market the content that will make consumers identify you for both your product and the position you have taken. 

5. Content is a commitment

This is something we, at Don’t Be Content, believe in firmly. 

Unlike an advertisement, which dies off once you stop paying, the value of content grows over time, stays in your brand content library, and thus has a long-term value that continues to attract more people to your brand. 

6. Consistency is the key

Consistency and regularity are two pillars of successful content. Disruptions in publishing regular content could hinder some of the success you have already garnered.

In addition to this, Google is always on the hunt for fresh content and if the search engine does not consistently pick up on new content, the SEO results of the business can suffer. 


According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 74% of B2C content marketers said that their organization’s content marketing was more successful when compared with the previous year. 

It is best not to pause the content machine. Instead, adapt to the “new normal” and learn how to manoeuvre around its ups and downs and gain a long-term advantage. 
So, get your thinking caps on, and realign your content strategy to pack more punch! 

Kedar Koushik Kedar Koushik
Associate Manager, Content

Kedar Koushik is an Associate Content Manager at Don’t Be Content and provides quality content to all the verticals of the company. With several years of experience as a journalist, he brings editorial command over the content he creates. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, Samabrita, and enjoys reading and listening to music.