12 Aug 2020

Is content just a buzzword in your marketing plan?

Content has indeed become the de rigueur to engage your customers in a conversation. Although marketing has always involved content, ‘content marketing’ allows consumers to be far more well-informed, empowered and socially connected - and so make better choices for themselves. If it’s not a driver in your brand strategy here’s why that needs to change...

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
Is content just a buzzword in your marketing plan?

Although traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, TV ads, billboards and so on were and still are very popular, today with more people using the internet, they have a limited reach. Since everything we want and need is available online these days, content marketing has become the way to connect with the audience.

Consumers want engaging and consistent content to be able to research the products and services they want before making a purchase. At the same time, they do not want to be ‘sold to’ and would rather make the decision themselves. This is where a good content marketing strategy comes into play.

Research shows that people spend up to four hours a day on their digital devices, so telling your story in a way that appeals to them during this time is a great way to grow your business. Effective communication that is valuable, relevant and consistent will not only grow your business but build your brand reputation, boost sales and create everlasting relationships with your audience.

This is why content marketing cannot just remain a buzzword in your marketing plan. It has to become your first and foremost strategic marketing approach - this means doing more than just posting those product placements on Instagram.

Content must be tailored to your specific brand identity. It has to cater to the wants, needs and interests of your specific audience. You must understand their questions, concerns and pain-points – how your product fits into their lives, what they expect of your product and expertise, and how it can transform into a meaningful aspect of their lives. All this means that your content has to be valuable, relevant and consistent, but specifically created for your target audience.

To implement this plan into your brand story, finding the right team of experts to help in identifying your audience, developing and distributing your content and helping to monitor results is paramount to your success. So whether you’re in it for higher sales or just better customer relationships, there is every reason content marketing should be included in your marketing pitch.

Poonam Kashib Poonam Kashib
Senior Content Writer

Poonam Kashib is a Senior Content Writer at Don’t Be Content. She has a flair for words which is the highlight of her success as a content writer. Being passionate about life and living translates to the compelling content that she creates. She lives in Bangalore with her two cats, Mushu Jr. and Skye.